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August 30, 2016 - Boil Order lifted

Author: Franklin RWD 1 Office/Tuesday, August 30, 2016/Categories: General News

At 10:40am, KDHE lifted the water boil order for the City of Ottawa and surrounding areas.  Residents in the City of Ottawa, City of Princeton, Rural Water #1, Rural Water #2, Rural Water #3 and Rural Water #4 can use tap water for all purposes.  Following the repair of the water main break in Ottawa, the city flushed the systems and tested to make sure the water met state standards.

The water being delivered to homes is safe.  To be sure that the plumbing systems in your home are safe, residents should take a few steps to clear any possible contimination.

1.  Air in the line:  turn your taps on slowly and run water until the sputtering stops.

2.  Flush water pipes and faucets by running the water until it is clear and you can feel a change in the temperature of the water - it should get noticeably colder.

3.  If you have a water softener, run a regeneration cycle following the directions in your owner's manual.

4.  Drain and refill your water heater if it is set to a temperature lower than 113 degrees.

5.  If you have a household water treatment system, change the filter cartridges and follow directions in the owner's manual for any needed disinfection.

6.  Flush and clean any water dispensers or ice makers connected to a public w2ater line.  Change the filters.  Throw out ice and lush the dispenser for 3-5 minutes.  Run the ice maker for one hour and throw out all the ice again.

"The risk for any illness as a result of the water line break is very low.  The city took the appropriate actions to manage the situation," said Midge Ransom, Franklin County Health Department Director.

Customers with questions can contact RWD#1 Maintenance Operator, Bob McClay - 785-242-5508 or City of Ottawa Water Department - 785-229-3690.

Additional information is available from:

-Franklin County Health Department - 785-229-3530

-Kansas Department of Health and Environment -

-KPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline - 1-800-426-4791

The City of Ottawa appreciates its customers' patience.  They are proud to provide clean, safe water to so many residents in Franklin County.


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