Board Members

RWD#1 is governed by a Board of (seven) Directors.  These Directors are elected by the patrons of the District at an annual meeting held in February of each year.  Board meetings are open to the public, and as a patron, you are encouraged to attend.  Please call the office for information about the next meeting.

2022 Board of Directors

David Alderman, Secretary, 785-418-5749, term expires 2025

Gary Clark, 785-979-2402, term expires 2026

Larry Endecott, Chairperson, 816-830-6378, term expires 2027

Brad O'Dea, 785-214-9248, term expires 2026

Karen Walburn, Treasurer, 785-242-7470, term expires 2027

Garrett Taylor, Vice-Chairperson, 785-672-7116, term expires 2025